International Jyväskylä – Info Center is a multilingual service point, where one can get guidance and counseling on topics related to everyday living in 16 different langauges.

International Jyväskylä – Info Center provides information on

and many other topics

International Jyväskylä – Info Center provides service to everyone living in Jyväskylä and Central Finland region, irrespective of the person’s background or reason for coming to Finland.


Objective of this service is to support the integration of internationals in the earliest possible stage, by providing right information and counseling at the right time. Objective is also to take up the service navigator’s role, where overall situation of a person can be mapped, in order to direct the person to the most relevant services as per the current needs.


Service is free of cost, confidential and available on a walk-in basis as well as by prior appointment.

Guidance and Counseling time table: International Jyväskylä – Info Center Kilpisenkatu 1 D, 40100 Jyväskylä







All of our counselors speak Finnish language as well. Guidance and counseling in Somalian, Tigrinyan and Turkish language can be requested only via prior appointment.

Multilingual guidance and counseling can also be availed remotely using Micorsoft Teams. Please contact our counselors for more informtaion. 

Stay-at-home parents can get help from International Jyväskylä – Info Center in exploring options and pathways relevant to their current life situation.


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Project Manager
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